Peer Washington's Staff Newsletter

Welcome to December! This month we have Secret Sylvia's party on December 11th, even if

you didn't sign up for the gift exchange you are more than welcome to join. Be sure to

check out the Secret Sylvia page as it also reveals a summary of everyone's gift wishes.

You can also give feedback for future newsletters, check out what's happening in Spokane, celebrate a few birthdays with us, and more for our month of December. 

Quick Links & Stories


Give Feedback

The one-question anonymous survey meant to earn feedback for future Staff Newsletters.


Secret Sylvia

Check out your fellow employees' responses for their wishlists this year. 



Over the mountains and across the desert, find out what is happening at our Spokane site. 

Important Dates

December 1st - 8th: Lifelong's Virtual Seattle AIDS Walk. Learn more about the walk HERE, or donate for our team HERE

December 9th: Happy Birthday Baseball Bud Nokes!


December 11th: Secret Sylvia's Holiday Spectacular, join us for some holiday cheer and gift opening. More info and a sneak peek into our staff's wishlists HERE


December 13th: Happy Birthday Will Haggerty!


December 17th: Among Us for Staff Connections meeting. Read about Among Us and our last meeting HERE


December 23rd: Kimmy's last day at Spokane before she transfers to Peer Seattle. More info about Kimmy and Peer Spokane found HERE

December 25th: Happy Birthday Jess Lam!


Tune of the Month

Seattle indie-pop band Pillar Point worked with Kia LaBeija to create this captivating music video. It highlights the voguing talent she has garnered from growing up in NYC's ballroom scene and the rich city-scape of Bogota, Colombia. The warmth and freedom expressed here make for a great break from our grey winter, and boy, do I want her jacket. 

Thursday Staff Connections






Conversations about

-diversity's importance

-dismantling racism

-toxic social structures


This week we focus on learning and practicing Motivational Interviewing with each other

Among Us

Fix our spaceship and look out for imposters in a gaming afternoon of Among Us

Meet Up

General Staff Connections meet-up, unfortunately, canceled for this month due to holiday...again