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New Employees

Welcome to Peer Washington

Marc Shelffo (Peer Services Specialist for Peer Coaching and Groups at Peer Seattle)

Marc was born and raised on a small hobby farm in Burnsville, Minnesota. Feeling estranged from family, friends, and the greater community because of his sexual orientation, Marc headed west in 1988. Patterns of avoidance led to mental health problems and substance use disorder. His journey of recovery from severe depression and methamphetamine abuse began in 2007. Despite many setbacks, Marc chose to learn from those mistakes and never to give up or surrender. Building one success on another, he has gleaned wisdom from his trials.

Marc’s addiction to crystal meth ended on April 23rd, 2013. Entering Peer Seattle's doors with his trusty dog Bruno signaled the beginning of a better, more substantial recovery. Marc supported alternative MAT (Medical Assisted Therapies) and was assisted in his recovery through Ibogaine. Marc quickly found a place at Peer Seattle, first volunteering at the “Christmas Holiday Tree Lot.” fundraiser. There he learned the value of fun, community, friendship, and backbreaking work. Marc has been on the SOS leadership team (Strength Over Speed). Marc helped develop the “Shame and Guilt” workshop, and many monthly “salons,” varied presentations, and timely subjects have been presented to the greater Peer Seattle Community with their leadership team. He has been a Peer Recovery Coach, Coach Mentor, and CCAR Certified Coach Trainer for the past six years and helped develop workshops and plans for 2017-2019 Discovery retreats. Most recently, Marc received his Certified Peer Counselor Certificate from Washington State. Marc has been of excellent service to the LGBTQIA+ recovery community and their allies. Now he is excited to bring his skills, energy, experience, and enthusiasm to Peer Seattle.


You can find Marc bowling on the Thursday Gay league, mushroom hunting, or camping with his partner Bill and faithful companion Bruno in his spare time.


Marc Shalffo

Kara Noelle Stanfield - Bio Photo.jpeg

Noelle Moon

Noelle Moon (Peer Services Specialist for Front Desk at Peer Seattle)

Noelle became a certified Peer Specialist in October of 2018! Originally from California, She left at 18 as a high school dropout and came to Washington State to flee a long-term domestic violence situation. This escape provided Noelle with the freedom to finally come out, be her own person, and pursue an education and job-field that she felt passionate about.


Noelle identifies as an LGBTQIA+ person in recovery and living with persistent mental illness. She has survived hardships in many forms, including but not limited to; substance use, domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, familial and religious trauma, mental health crisis, grief, and other sensitive topics that caused her to “grow up” at a very young age. 


After breaking free from circumstances holding Noelle back, she completed her GED and is now enrolled in college at Seattle Central for Social and Human Services. She has worked closely with people in crisis for 2 years and has always felt drawn to supporting the LGBTQIA+ community. Newfound spirituality and mindfulness prioritized her health and well-being. Noelle now has a massive support network that provided her with the confidence to do what she is truly passionate about; supporting others.


Heather Hinds

Heather Hinds (Peer Services Specialist for Front Desk at Peer Kent)

Heather was born in the Boston, Massachusetts area. Family addictions had an impact on her early in life. She grew up dividing her time on the East and the West coast with her divorced parents. Growing up with ADHD, she had many struggles in school. Ultimately, Heather left school in the 8th grade. A consistent runaway, she managed to get through the years. When her baby brother passed away from cancer, her battle against heroin had begun; she was 23 years old at the time.

In 2005 she found herself in love with the Pacific Northwest. 2014 she began to recognize and address her mental health barriers and addiction. During her employment as project manager for Boeing Pride and Recognition, it was at that time, her addiction and emotional instabilities had taken her to a new rock bottom.

During the darkest times, she realized the reward of helping others. To give back what was so freely given to her felt like a true blessing. Heather started to volunteer for food banks, needle exchanges, and ultimately Peer Kent, where she fell in love with the organization and its staff. She is also a house manager for the Kates House foundation helping mentor women in early recovery.

Michael Robertson (Peer Services Specialist at Peer Kent)

We are delighted to announce Michael joining us starting on January 11th. Expect pictures and Michael's biography coming soon!

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