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Rivet Dogpants Clem

How were you introduced to Peer WA?

I was introduced to the organization through a friend, Steven Griffith, who worked at SASG ["Seattle Area Support Groups" now renamed: Peer Washington] at the time doing a version of my current job. He asked me to help develop a poster for the tree lot [the tree lot was a fundraiser we were able to do selling evergreen trees for the holidays]. This led to me helping work the tree lot itself, which allowed me to meet many people within the organization and learn about their work. 

Eventually, I developed a website for SASG since I saw that it could be easily updated and presented it to Josh Wallace. I wasn't looking for a job at that time and enjoyed it as a side gig. However, Josh convinced me to take up a more stable position, and here I am!

Are you working on any projects you'd be excited to tell us about? 


My new house in Tacoma. For Peer Washington, I'm working closely with Tyler and Bert formulating a new ambassador program to help with marketing. Expect that to come to fruition this year, along with some new merchandise to help spread our name. 


Do you have a hero? Or any idols that help guide you? 


I would feel remiss if I didn't mention the grand excellence himself, Josh Wallace. Nikola Tesla has always inspired me by his eccentricities and how far ahead of his time he was. Dolly Parton is awesome. 


What piece of entertainment do you wish you could erase from your mind so that you could experience it again for the first time?


Battlestar Galactica. It is just such a great show, humans coming together to face a problem they put upon themselves. Extremely well-written characters make the whole ride so enjoyable and insightful. 


Did you acquire a new quarantine hobby for 2020? 


Fermentation station. With the help of Brad Leone, I've been able to do a lot of fun stuff. "Peppergine" might've been my biggest hit, a hot sauce made from hatch chiles with that added fermentation-funk. 


What song is stuck in your head today? 


Raspberry Beret by Prince. As much as I don't like Prince for being a chauvinistic asshole, it is catchy. [Rivet sings, "She wore a raspberry beret, the kind you find in a second-hand store!"] His song highlights reducing-reusing-recycling, which I'm very into right now. 


What is your favorite date on the calendar? A holiday?


I don't know; I have more of a favorite time of lunchtime. 


What do you wish would come back into fashion?


Capes. Men's capes. Or...cloaks, put cloaks. I feel like I want to wear a cloak, but there is a part of me that says, "no, you're not old enough to be eccentric yet." Plus, I wear shorts, and I haven't seen any good cloak-shorts combos yet. 


What is something you've meant to try but haven't yet?  


Basketweaving. I think it's a great skill to have, and I bought my mother a basketweaving gift for Christmas because I secretly want to do it. 


What is something you are doing now to make you a better person? 


I'm participating less in the outside world (social media and news) while trying to be more mindful of the people and space around me. I'm receiving validation from the people closest to me rather than from the masses, which, I think, gives it a lot more meaning. 

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