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Happy New Year! Based on anonymous feedback last month, we've added more cats to the internal newsletter. There was also an ask for more background information on our employees, so expect some more employee interviews to show up! If you still have feedback of your own, please submit it HERE. If you'd like to volunteer for the next recipe/interview, please email me. 

New hires keep rolling in! Click HERE to see more about our new employees, including:

Heather Hinds, Marc Shellfo, Michael Robertson, and Noelle Moon. 

Model Cat

Quick Links & Stories

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Monthly Recipe

Tyler's spicy pick, Somalian Digaag Qumbe eaten with a fresh banana. 


Staff Interview

Get to know your coworkers even better starting with the illustrious Rivet. 



Over the mountains and across the desert, find out what is happening at our Spokane site. 

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Important Dates

December 26th: Congratulations to Cody on his new job as Chief Program Officer (CPO)! Cody will continue acting as Peer Seattle's Director until properly replaced. 

January 2nd: Happy Mew Year for Cats Day

January 18th: Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, read a brief article about the holiday's history HERE

January 19th: Happy Birthday Bobby Hollowell!

January 21st: Staff Connections with Join us to play a casual Pictionary-style game online. Read more about HERE

Tune of the Month

Originally by Nigerian funk musician William Onyeabor, Atomic Bomb! is covered here by Hot Chip, a newer indietronica group hailing from the UK. Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip even went on to join up with Atomic Bomb Band, a supergroup dedicated to playing the music of Onyeabor. This month marks the 4th anniversary of Onyeabor's passing; we are happy to see his work still bringing together national and generational gaps in the music industry. 

Cat Lying
Cat Walking
Cat with a Hat
Big Cat with Bandana
Kitten on the Stairs
Gray Cat Drinking From Faucet

Thursday Staff Connections


Conversations about

-diversity's importance

-dismantling racism

-toxic social structures


This week we focus on learning and practicing Motivational Interviewing with each other

Enjoy Pictionary? Join us for the online version along with some Peer WA words added

Meet Up

End-of-month general Staff Connections meeting with casual conversation and no rules