Peer Washington's Staff Newsletter

It's springtime for Peer Washington! I've got two announcements right off the bat. One being our new site at Peer Olympia in case you've missed it. Another being our very first speaker working to fulfill JEDI's proposal. This will be a mandatory Zoom meeting for all staff on May 6th. Read more about it and our speaker HERE

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Quick Links & Stories

feta pasta.jpeg

Staff Recipes

Bert found wild success with a feta pasta dish she discovered in a strange place; on TikTok!

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Staff Interview

What do ballroom dancing, the navy, and mullets have in common? Loretta!

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Peer Olympia

In case you missed it, here is Josh's official announcement of the launch for our latest branch.

Important Dates

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April 1st: Special congratulations to Georgia for winning the semi-annual Walla Walla Onion Carving Contest (WWLOLCC)! 

April 10th: Happy Birthday to both Loretta and Sara!

April 11th: Happy Birthday to Cody!

April 13th: Happy Birthday to Wilder!

April 15th: Join us playing for our Staff Connection meeting!

Learn more about HERE

April 20th: Volunteer Recognition Day.

April 22nd: Earth Day. Check out these tips on how to celebrate. 

April 29th: Happy Birthday to Julie!

April 30th: Arbor Day. Plant some trees! 

Tune of the Month

beats to relax/study to - Lofi Girl

This month I'm highlighting something a little different; this music stream that thousands listen to every day, worldwide. This modern easy listening station has been going strong for years now despite YouTube's few interferences, the latest being in February of 2020. It's continued popularity has even granted it a worthy meme status.

Thursday Staff Connections






Conversations about

-diversity's importance

-dismantling racism

-toxic social structures


This week we focus on learning and practicing Motivational Interviewing with each other

Enjoy Pictionary? Join us for the online version and play along with fellow


Meet Up

End-of-month general Staff Connections meeting with casual conversation and no rules