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JEDI Proposal

Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

Peer WA JEDI Team On-going Educational Proposal




To provide opportunities that challenge our current perceptions/biases around our own
ignorance and xenophobia, including but not limited to:

- Race
- Sexual Orientation
- Gender Identity/Expression
- Patriarchal Social Systems
- Disability
- Ageism


- Staff
- Coaches
- Volunteers
- Facilitators


- A virtual event lasting one hour with at least 30 mins of conversation time and Q&A after.

- Have “experts” in the above topics share their stories, impart their knowledge, or present to the group.

- Create a safe place conducive to growth and enlightenment while having exposure to
hard topics from people who have lived experience of those topics.

- To start and grow a library of resources around these events. With recordings, books, and videos available to staff through a private section of our website.


- To gain cultural competency and humility beyond our own lived experiences. To evolve and experience others from a place of understanding and love.


- Quarterly on an on-going basis.



- TBD based on the presenter. To be approved by Josh each quarter.

JEDI is currently cultivating a list of presenters that can be used for this purpose. If you know of any relevant speakers please submit their names HERE.

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