CEO & President

Joshua Wallace identifies as a person thriving in long-term recovery from co-occurring challenges. He became a member of Peer Seattle in 2005, started volunteering in 2008, joined as staff in 2009, and took over as executive director in 2011. Josh is a co-founder of the Washington Recovery Alliance, King County Recovery Coalition, and Washington Peer Advancement Coalition. He currently serves on the King County Mental Illness and Drug Dependency Advisory Committee and co-chairs the Washington Behavioral Health Advisory Council. In his spare time, Joshua provides peer services consulting internationally on program development, evaluation, and training. Josh is a fierce advocate for peer services in Washington state because he knows firsthand the incredible impact that a community of peers connected by shared experience makes on increasing the success of long-term recovery. 

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Chief Program Officer

Cody was born and raised south of Seattle in Lakewood, Washington. When he was sixteen, Cody emancipated himself from his parents, moved to the Ballard neighborhood in Seattle, and attended Roosevelt High School. Cody experienced many challenges while living independently at such a young age, and before graduating High School in 1995, he attended seven different High Schools.

Cody went on to study Accounting and Finance at Seattle Central Community College and was offered his first corporate job as a Bookkeeper. He has held many private sector positions ranging from Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, Training & Development, Employee Relations, and Management. Cody has been active in the Seattle recovery community and Peer Seattle for many years, providing services as a volunteer, peer group facilitator, peer recovery coach, trainer, and tree lot assistant manager. He enjoys empowering individuals to create and sustain a healthy living approach to their lives. His combined experience and community leadership have resulted in some innovative approaches to community action. 

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Chief Financial Officer

Paula was born and raised in Overland Park, Kansas. She left home to study business and accounting at Baylor University and the University of Kansas. Seeking adventure after college, Paula moved to Anchorage and worked on the pipeline in Prudhoe Bay - what an experience! Eventually, Anchorage was where she found a recovery community and got sober. A couple of years later, she moved to the Puget Sound area. 

Upon arrival in the Pacific Northwest, Paula worked in the private sector for a short time but did not feel like this was her calling. Her passion has always been people and recovery. At her core, Paula is an accountant with a social worker's heart. She found a job that used this combination of skills when she went to work as Finance Director of a Tribal Government. Paula stayed in Tribal work for the next 17 years, eventually becoming the first non-Indian General Manager of the Tribe. 

She moved to downtown Seattle in 2011 and worked as the Controller at a large non-profit for eight years. Paula has been involved in the recovery community her entire sobriety and is passionate about seeing people achieve a way of life that works for them daily. She is grateful for long-term recovery and believes that her life now is a never-ending opportunity to serve others.



Marketing Manager

Rivet is a Texas native who moved to Seattle in 2013 in search of greener, or at least wetter pastures. Rivet is an active member of the Seattle LGBTQ community, serving Seattle Men in Leather as a board member alongside his work with Peer Seattle. His dedication to service is matched only by his unyielding love of pie.



Membership Manager

A Seattle area native Sara started living on the streets at the age of 15. During her 5 years of homelessness, she found support in many local programs including - Lambert House, University District Youth Center, YouthCare, and the YMCA. During this time, she became passionate about youth advocacy especially relating to the queer community.


Sara has been active in the Seattle recovery community and Peer Seattle for a couple of years and becoming an employee on 6/17/2019. While her highest priority in all things is trust other core values include - having a strong sense of self and empowering others to as well, being part of a cooperative community that inspires unity, and looking at things with a curious mind to learn and grow as an individual.



Finance Manager

A native of Virginia Beach, Virginia, Bobby moved to the Seattle area in August 2009 to make a fresh start in life. His background includes retail and hotel management, sound engineering, media productions, information technology, and pharmacy operations. He is a member of the honor society Phi Theta Kappa, a nationally certified pharmacy technician, and a graduate of North Seattle College with an Associates of Applied Science.

Bobby has been involved with Peer Washington since December 2009 when he was in great need of community and support. He first began his journey by attending a support group. Later on, he decided to become a group facilitator as he fully believes in giving back to the community. In December 2012, he joined the Board of Directors and eventually became Board Treasurer. In August 2020 he was given the opportunity to become a staff member. Having experienced many trials and tribulations in his life, he fully knows the difficulties that members of the LGBTQ+ community face and works to ensure that they and their allies have safe environments where they can come together in a mutual cause and personal growth no matter what path in life they are on.



Finance Coordinator

Brian was born and raised outside of Anchorage Alaska. After four years at Colorado State University, he moved back to Alaska to work on a grant project with the University of Alaska Anchorage. During this time, he earned a Master’s of Business Administration and has been published on the topic of Comorbidity Training Needs in State Psychiatric Hospitals. After this grant ended, he left Alaska for a few years before returning to Anchorage where he worked for H&R Block for 11 years.

After an intervention by local law enforcement, Brian left Alaska to attend Lakeside Milam Recovery Centers to address addiction issues. Four days before his release, his brother, aged 55, died suddenly and without any outward signs. This tragedy gave Brian pause. He chose to stay in Seattle where the recovery community is strong and build on his new foundation. This included residing in Oxford housing, participating in various 12 step and peer-supported recovery programs, and volunteering his time and services to Seattle Area Support Groups at the front desk.

Working at the front desk taught patience, caring, understanding, and empathy. Helping people arriving at the center for their first time was quite rewarding. Being of service to others has been the foundation of Brian’s recovery and is what kept him clean and sober. Participating in the various training opportunities from Peer Seattle, he was able to grow his understanding of the recovery community and other peer-supported programs. He owes Peer Seattle his life.



Marketing Coordinator

Tyler hails from a small village in northern Washington called Sedro-Woolley. After college, he found his tribe within Seattle and blossomed into the fully-fledged human person you see today. This could never be achieved without Seattle's thriving local community, so giving back and working to cultivate those experiences for others became a goal at the forefront of Tyler's worldview. As Marketing Coordinator, he hopes to enrich others' lives in ways he could never do alone and raise both himself and Peer Washington to an even higher pedestal. You can catch him nowadays snacking on sour candies, gayming with friends, or quoting his favorite literature no matter how irrelevant it is. "Without change, something sleeps inside us and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken." -Duke Leto Atreides.



Membership Coordinator

Jess was born and raised in Hawaii and moved to Seattle in 2011. While struggling with long-term disorders, she discovered Peer Seattle support groups and found strength in the community's resiliency, galvanizing her to embrace self-compassion and work towards a better quality of life.  Since then, her professional and volunteer work has helped support those experiencing domestic violence, food insecurity, and homelessness. Jess is invested in continuously learning more about herself and others, cultivating positive growth, and always finding ways to be of service.

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Marketing Coordinator

Trevon "Tre" Bobo was born and raised in Oak Harbor, Washington. He attended Washington State University in Pullman, Washington earning his Bachelor's Degree in Digital Technology & Culture and Strategic Communications. While there, Tre experienced firsthand the prejudiced and socioeconomic factors contributing to the decline of many minority groups' mental health. Since then, he has been an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace and providing equal opportunity in education and health services. 

After moving back to western Washington in December 2019 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of civil unrest, Tre was adamant about promoting mental health awareness and career development opportunities amongst the black community and other minority groups. As Marketing Coordinator at Peer Washington, he aims to improve the community by providing awareness of the peer services and recovery resources available around Washington state.

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Accounting Controller

Karen was born an army brat in West Germany, eventually moving to California as a child. She lived in several cities but considered Sacramento home. After meeting her husband and starting a family together, the Navy brought them to Washington in 1995, and they have never left. Karen has three exceptional children and five beautiful grandchildren.

For over 30 years, Karen has worked at various non-profit organizations providing vital services to domestic and sexual violence victims, homelessness services, and support for mental health and addiction. She has been involved with Special Olympics as a coach and volunteer at events and served on the Board of the Layne Staley Fund, supporting recovery from heroin use.

In her spare time, Karen enjoys socializing with her amazing core of friends and family. She is an avid fan of heavy metal music and attends numerous concerts throughout the year. Disneyland is her happy place that she visits once or twice each year. A self-professed "work in progress," she is constantly learning how to better herself and practice self-care through counseling and support groups.

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Human Resource Director

Danelle Edgerton is originally from Idaho but has made Seattle her home since 1998. She knew from a young age that the city was where she would thrive with more diversity and opportunities. Danelle has worked in Human Resources for over twenty years, spanning a multitude of different industries, but has always had a passion for working in the non-profit sector and mid-size organizations. Danelle attended Eastern Washington University.


At a young age, Danelle had to overcome stuttering with her speech with several years of speech therapy. Further, in 2014, Danelle was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, which has changed how she views and lives her life. Due to these two very personal experiences, she is an advocate for individuals with disabilities, specifically for those seeking meaningful employment.  

Currently, Danelle enjoys her home in West Seattle with her two beloved cats, Reggie Pippen and Stuart Black. Her other passion is animal rescue & education, and would love to open up an animal sanctuary someday.