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Chad's Legacy Project is made up of healthcare professionals, governmental officials, parents and individuals either affected, or working on behalf of those affected by Mental Illness. We are devoted to identifying innovation in education, access and execution of care for Mental Illness and providing leverage to accelerate those advancements to become new and effective widespread resources. Visit our introductory pages below to learn Chad's Story, understand our Vision and Mission and meet our Board of Directors.

Who We Are

About Chad's Legacy

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The Chad's Legacy Project

The Chad’s Legacy Project was created by Todd and Laura Crooks shortly after the loss of their oldest son, Chad. He had battled Schizophrenia and, at 21 years of age, lost his battle with the disease in spite of full access to current Mental Health care. Chad died by suicide on January 21st, 2016.

To one day see a clear and more effective pathway in the treatment of mental illness, and a reliable prognosis for positive recovery; a future where mental illness is regarded as a disease rather than weakness and a time when families and friends also have the tools to easily support loved ones.

Our Values

The Mission of Chad's Legacy Project

  • Create an environment through education to eliminate the stigma around mental illness.

  • Help to boost the effectiveness of current treatment pathways through the advent of proactive care coordination and management.

  • Aid the efforts in psychiatric research and innovations.

  • Identify existing limited pockets of excellence and work to elevate them into broader systems of excellence

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Peer Specialist Training Scholarship

Chad’s Legacy Project believes Certified Peer Specialists represent a new front-line service in the chain of care for Behavioral Health and Opioid Abuse. Lived experience and proof of the possibility of recovery gives the Certified Peer Specialist a unique ability to gain trust with an individual needing but is unwilling to receive care, for any number of reasons. A Peer Specialist also has the ability to help a client negotiate a complex health delivery system they would otherwise not be able to successfully navigate. New data shows this partnership improves access and management of care and ultimately outcomes. But as a prospective trainee, you probably understand this very well.

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Ready to be a Peer Specialist, but cannot afford to attend?

Often, we ask heroes to step forward, then we create obstacles for those very same people that block them from obtaining new heights. One key obstacle in expanding the Peer workforce is the reality that, while certification training is free, the cost of taking a week off of work to attend training if not already employed in the Behavioral Health world provides hardship. Sometimes it means a choice between food, rent, or training. The CLP Certified Peer Support Specialist Scholarship Fund will provide funds to offset that loss or lack of work. On an application basis, we are looking for those that do not have a clear path to training, who otherwise would be left to stand on the sidelines. We have limited 2019 funds, but are committed to helping as many as possible.

CLP honors those that have stepped forward to help others in this new care landscape and is excited to open a new path to employment for those that could not. "If you are ready to be a Peer Specialist, but you cannot afford to attend, perhaps we can help." Visit the Chads Legacy Project scholarship page!

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