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What is

Staff Connections is a straightforward web browser game that is free to play. Players take turns drawing with their mouse a secret word/phrase they are given. All the other players type in their guesses; correct guesses will be hidden from everyone else and grant you points depending on how quickly you answered. 

The drawing set-up resembles that of a nostalgic Microsoft Paint program. If you've ever used that before, you're able to play this game like a pro. The game plays like a very casual round of Pictionary. 

Join us on Zoom, and I'll send out a link to our very own lobby to get together and play. If you want to practice, go for it. Just know that the game is very popular and has a large young player base, so toxicity and lude drawings are pretty likely. Otherwise, hop in with us on January 21st, and we won't have to deal with any of that! 

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