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Secret Sylvia

First Annual Voluntary Non-Denominational Wintertime Secular Holiday Politically-Correct Socially-Distanced War-On-Christmas Secret Gift Exchange

Purple Bells
Holiday Ornament

Hopefully, your gifts are already on their way or have arrived at their destination, Secret Sylvia's Holiday Spectacular happens Friday, December 11th starting at 2 pm. You do not have to have participated in the Secret Sylvia Gift Exchange in order to attend this event. If you did receive a gift though, be sure to have it on-hand and ready to open while on Zoom with everyone. 

With those logistics out of the way, here is a sneaky peek into everyone's answers for gift ideas. Not that these really matter anymore, but it is a fun way to learn something new about some of your coworkers. (It does warm my cold heart just how many people listed "black" as a favorite color.)  

Tyler - Black, camo, owls, pigs, bears, Pallas's cats, coniferous trees, Dune, Watchmen, candles,

ig tea mugs. He is a big fan of Wilfred Warrior


Dana - Sloths, hermit crabs, baby ducks, scrapping, audiobooks, tarot, candles.

I collect Coco-Cola vintage anything. 


Bert - Puppies, kittens, cooking, reading, murder podcasts, socks, hats, mittens,

coloring with gel pens. 


Bobby - Black, Grumpy Cat, dolphins, long drives, candles, Star Trek, Seattle Sounders

Harry Potter (Slytherin), Lady Gaga. 


Kimmy - Loves blue, hates red. New facial products, New York Yankees, kombucha, soft blankets, organic tea, scarves, gloves. 


Michael (Pooki) - Blue, cats, hiking, plane spotting, national parks, 50s era airline travel posters, airbus. 


Brian - Rainbows, black, green, moose, cats, dogs, working out, baking, skiing. No clothes. 


Jess - Black, sloths, Pokemon Go, knitting, Seattle Seahawks, Among Us, hiking, slouchy beanies, plants, cute face masks. No pastels. 


Kaliyah (Liyah) - Black, burgundy, sloths, pandas, snakes, dogs, writing music, designing clothes, murder mystery books, vegan recipes, flowering teas. No more mugs for her wife's sake. 


Joshua - Red, blue, kitties, octopus, dragonflies, hummingbirds, owls,  hiking, cute coffee cups, 80s pop, spy novels, root beer, comfy pajamas/onesie (XL). 


Laurel - Turquoise, cats, owls, dancing, historic sites, stand-up comedy, zoos, Marie Kondo, Zumba, meditation, soy candles, scenic calendars, teas, plants. 


Sarah (Sarah with an H) - Black, bright and colorful things, roasting her coffee, yoga, meditation, ayurvedic medicine, essential oils, candles, sweatpants, hoodies. She needs a giant rainbow flag. 


Rivet (The Dog) - Black, camo, elephants, iced tea, aliens, doge, sneakers, delicious pastries, books, documentaries. Not a big fan of nicknacks. 


Pattie - Black, purple, horses, carnival glass, black primer, dark chocolate, 

bangles, organizational gadgets. On the hunt for some ladies small soft leather

cowhide gloves. 


Shawn - Purple, white owls, white wolves, unicorns, elephants, dolphins, 

ravens, writing, scrapbooking, dance steps, photography, plants, frappucinos,

sage, eucalyptus, vanilla. A medium-sized hot/cold bottle for travel. 


Sara (Nerdzilla) - Black, animal prints, neon, pandas, octopods, valkyrie, gnomes,

clowns, knitting, Wizards Unite, fire spinning, and smashing the patriarchy.


Jennifer - Green, Black, Purple, owls, writing poetry/songs/short stories, playing

guitar/piano, Opeth, Tool, Stumptown coffee, candles, skulls, flowers, weight lifting,

jewelry, make-up. 


Ryan - Black, dark blue, penguins, reading about metaphysics, playing piano, tarot,

astrology, and medium-sized t-shirts. 


Will - Blue, grey, dogs, cats, birds, running, history, film buff, anything Irish or British. He does not enjoy anything scented. 


Julie - Baby blue, black, pigs, dogs, cats, bunnies, unicorns, war movies, scary movies, reality TV, chocolate, Justin Beiber. 


Wilder - Dogs, horses, dolphins, yoga, knitting, playing guitar/harmonium, mushroom hunting, essential oils, crystals, thermos, hiking socks, light roast coffee, herbal tea, natural lip balm. 

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Who is Sylvia O'Stayformore?

Sylvia O‘Stayformore is the effervescent hostess in Seattle. Sylvia is a local celebrity in countless drag shows, brunches, fundraisers, benefits, cabarets, radio shows, movies, weddings, premiers, openings, and plays. Currently, she produces Seattle’s Best Drag Show (Voted via Seattle Weekly) Bacon Strip. Now in Georgetown at The Conservatory. Every First Saturday.  She can also be seen at Senior Centers in West Seattle, Ballard, South East Seattle, Sno Valley, Vashon Island, South Park, Camano Island, Whidbey Island, and DesMoines for her Rainbow Bingos. Out magazine voted Sylvia as the hottest drag queen in America of the moment 2003. Sylvia loves Dionne Warwick, bad boys with big hair, long rides on her Vespa, Thrift store road trips to the coast, late night poetry shows, social networking, & Tab and Seven.

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