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Submit up to three photos in each of the following categories. A winning photo will be selected from each category (one person can win multiple categories), each giving $250 in prize money. You have until February 24th to submit your entries, and the winners will be chosen and contacted in early March. Winning and donated photos will be used in our annual report and websites. 


Our Three Categories:


For this category, we are looking for diverse sets of people in a group setting. The specifics of the setting and how it relates to "community" are all up to you. 

What does recovery look like to you? Whether it be from addiction and/or mental health, any style of photography (or recovery) is accepted here as long as it meets this theme. 


Snapshots that highlight the Pacific Northwest. This doesn't have to be landmarks, it could even be people, but it should capture something that feels uniquely "Washingtonian." 

How do I enter?

Email your entries to Include in each email the category you are submitting for, your name, a preferred method of contact, and whether or not you would like to donate your pictures to our organization if you do not win. 

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*Winning and donated photos will become the property of Peer Washington. Anyone submitting winning and or donated photos will sign a form releasing all rights and ownership of photos to Peer Washington. 

**Please note that if you have people in your photos, all persons in said photo will need to sign a release form acknowledging that Peer Washington can use that image in any way they see fit (including publishing to the internet, social media, and print publications) and releasing them from any liability. 

You can download this form HERE.

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