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Secret Bucket

Second Annual Voluntary Non-Denominational

Wintertime Secular Holiday Politically-Correct

Socially-Distanced Secret Gift Exchange

Purple Bells

This page is a deep dive into the details of our voluntary gift exchange. 


"Secret Bucket" is what we call this year's Peer WA gift exchange. This is named after Honey Bucket, local drag queen, as she will be hosting our Zoom meeting at the end of all this when we get to open our presents and reveal who gifted who. You sign up by filling out THIS form by November 9th. The next day, the person you are gifting to will be revealed, and you will have until December 17th to send them your anonymous gift. Gifts should remain anonymous until the Zoom party on December 17th at 3 pm. 

How to sign up?

Click HERE and fill out our entry form. You have until the afternoon of

November 9th to submit the form. 

What then?

On November 10th, you'll receive an email from Tyler telling you who

you'll secretly be gifting. This will include their filled-out entry form with

gift ideas and shipping needs. 

Is there a gift limit?

We have a soft limit of around $20, but people have spent more on some great gift ideas, do whatever you feel most comfortable with. As a participant, you should expect your gift to be around $20 in value; anything more is a lucky bonus. 

How do I ship my gift?

First, make sure it is wrapped or very clearly a "Secret Bucket" gift without your name on it; otherwise, part of the surprise is spoiled! For the most part, just getting your gift into the right hands of employees that travel between sites is all you need to do. I encourage you to strategize with your local coworkers so we can "carpool" more gifts around without having to worry about dealing with a shipping company. 

What about Spokane?

Shipping to or from Spokane is a little less convenient. To help fight this, I will set up a large box at Peer Seattle which will act as our vessel for any presents from the west side to get packaged in when it comes time to deliver to Spokane. This large box will be shipped on December 12th. If you plan on using this method of delivery, you'll need to make sure your gift makes it in there before then. 

Peer Spokane is doing a similar large box set up to send to the westside, ask Julie about it and she will hook you up!

When are the gifts due?

We open our presents on December 17th from 3 - 5 pm. It is paramount that your gift makes it to your giftee before this time. 

Any other questions? Please, feel free to email Tyler ( at anytime!


Who is Honey Bucket?

Originally from Las Vegas, Honey Bucket has crashed the drag scene in Seattle and has since become a staple of drag art for many, many, many, many years. She has become well known for her prowess in musical parody and in developing her own music mixing from rap to disco. Honey is the life of any party and is also a peer. Her own recovery from alcoholism is still going strong and she hasn't dropped any opportunity to give back to her community. Honey Bucket continues to be a fierce force of queer art and a fantastic ally for Peer WA. 

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