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What is Among Us?


Among Us is a game of deception (akin to Mafia or Werewolf), which you can play on your PC, tablet, or smartphone. In many ways, it is the classic "whodunnit" murder mystery playing out in real-time. While it is a video game, its mechanics are quite basic, so everyone can easily pick it up and play. 

Most players are Crewmates who roam around our spaceship doing various Tasks, which are very simple minigames. If all the Crewmates complete their tasks (or find and eject all of the Imposters), they win the game. In summary, complete tasks, gain trust with fellow Crewmates, and figure out who the secret Imposters are. 


Imposters win by killing the Crewmates. Imposters have a few other tools at their disposal, like traveling in Vents or by calling Sabotages. The trick is to do so unnoticed so that the Crewmates don't find out that you are an Imposter and vote you out of the spaceship. 

During the game, everyone must be muted, so there is no communication during gameplay besides when a discussion is caused either from calling an Emergency Meeting or Reporting a dead body. During these discussions, everyone who is still alive can share information to determine who the Imposters are. Imposters can use this time to present alibis, lie, throw suspicion on other Crewmates, or lay low...the decision is yours. Everyone is then able to vote for whom to eject. 


Once you own the game, I highly recommend going over its in-game tutorial and/or doing a practice round yourself to get up to speed quickly. The game is incredibly simple but usually takes a quick round or two for you to figure out everything. Furthermore, there are a few Youtube videos out there like THIS TUTORIAL, which you are free to check out. Once we play together, it will be very casual; and I'll make sure that everyone understands what they are doing. 


If you are interested, I recommend grabbing the game off Steam for PC for $5. Please visit the STEAM STORE to check out the game. You can also play it on your phone or tablet for free from your Apple or Android app store, and the game works cross-platform. 


A game lobby has enough space for up to ten people, which is our target number of players. If we get enough interest, expect this Among Us get-together to be a monthly staple of Staff Connections! 

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