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Women's History Month

and how to help honor it

Pictured for this page is Austrian-American historian Gerda Lerner.

I chose her because she was a pioneer in academics for women's

history. She is even considered the first to teach a college course

specifically about great women in history. Feel free to learn more

about this nazi-fighting hero on her wiki

For this page, I wanted to highlight several resources you may

explore on your own time; anything from the entertaining to the

more academic.  

Women's History Month

The official site for Women's History Month is chock-full of various exhibits and resources from such collections as the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution, and the National Gallery of Art.

Women's History Timeline in the US

A scroll-down timeline on History Channel's website is full of links to more information for dozens of entries, starting with Abigail Adams and going on from there. It is simple but a great jumping-off point for more information. 


Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science by Rachel Swaby

Lean Out by Dawn Foster

Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit

Transgender History: The Roots of Today’s Revolution by Susan Stryker

Difficult Women by Roxanne Gay

Find more options listed here


I found this article's list of feminist movies an interesting curation spanning many different decades, genres, and nationalities. 

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