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JEDI Staff Connection

Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

Upcoming  JEDI Guest Speaker

Cate will be our first speaker fulfilling JEDI's proposal. This will be a mandatory staff meeting taking place

on May 6th from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm. If you cannot find a Zoom link or do not have it in your calendar,

please email Rivet as soon as possible. So, who is Cate? 

Having studied and worked in the traditionally male dominated fields of science and math, Cate brings lived experience to her DE&I work, becoming an anti-racist math educator. In the classroom, she strives to center equity, diversity, and relevance, and seeks to decolonize education. Her activism began while growing up as a queer woman in the early ’90s, and the feminism course that introduced her to the truth that has become her DE&I philosophy: Equal isn’t equal until it’s everything, that’s how equal works. Since then, Cate has effectively worked to combat oppression by forging unification through empathy. She understands that the white-supremacist-patriarchy's most effective tool has always been to divide, and that if we each push against our oppression from only our side, we will be pushing against each other and effectively enabling the very systems we want to dismantle. 

In addition to her professional career, Cate has been an elite and professional Ultimate athlete and coach for over 20 years. She thrives in a team environment, combining her experiences as an athlete, coach, and educator to help create other powerful team cultures in classrooms, on the field, and with colleagues. The hard work for social justice and DE&I is best accomplished as a team and can strengthen the development of a team. Cate believes that our deepest relationships, and relational equity, are formed when we enter shared struggle, be that in a project, creation, sport, or fight. Cate leverages her beliefs, expertise, and skill in effective teaming to build and strengthen relationships throughout her DE&I practice.

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